Thursday, April 26, 2007

News Commentary, Mommy-Style

Or, "I Never Said I Was the Next Katie Couric."

Mommy: Mullah Dadullah was interviewed by the Arab-language network al-Jazeera, which identified the official as Cheney.
Mommy: i'm sorry but....
Mommy: mullah mullah dadullah banana fana fo-fullah me mi mo-mullah.
Mommy: MULLAH!
Mommy: ok, i'll stop now.

Dave: hm.

Mommy: i REALLY want to put that on my blog, but i'm not sure i want to sound quite that stupid.
Mommy: so i'm just telling you.
Mommy: or maybe i will blog it. who knows.

Dave: nah. refrain.

Mommy: that bad, huh?

Dave: yeah.

At least he's honest with me. But you see how well I listen.

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