Monday, April 16, 2007

Ethan's New Skill...

...was approached with his customary gusto.

Initially we sat down to make a sunflower paper plate. After tracing his hands for the petals, I handed him his scissors and we had a refresher course on Scissor Holding and Usage. The idea was to give him little scraps to cut to keep him busy while I cut out his traced hands.

Twenty minutes later, he was still hunched over his little pile of construction paper scraps, his lips pooched out in fierce concentration. Finally he slumped over, declared he was tired, and when I asked him if he'd rather glue his flower or go out to play with Daddy, he opted to strap on his sandals and go outside.

He accomplished a lot this afternoon. A different direction than what I'd planned, but that's OK. The sunflower can wait.

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