Wednesday, April 04, 2007

April Showers

Shortly after midnight we had some strong storms blow through our area.

Ethan surprisingly slept through the thunder and lightning initially. What finally woke him up was the hail and possibly the fact that our patio swing blew over in the back yard. I went in and explained to my terrified and trembling kid that the sound was little pieces of ice on his window - you're safe in here - nothing to be scared of. He accepted this, asked for an extra Hot Wheels car to sleep with to help him feel safer, and was OK with me leaving, as long as promised I was just outside his door.

Not 5 minutes later our power started going out. And coming back on. And going out again, etc., etc. He may not even have realized it was happening if it hadn't fritzed his sound machine to go from (ironically) Spring Rain to Horrible Loud Static with Every Lightning Flash (and they were coming fast and furious, mostly without even waiting for a break in between).

When I got in there, he was incoherent with terror, and shaking so hard he couldn't stand up. I turned off the machine, and carried him to the couch, where we sat and waited for the power to come back.

As we sat there together, listening to the storm fade away, his shaking gradually stopped, and he started talking to me. We talked about Bob the Builder, we talked about going to the store, cars, trucks, and I can't remember what else.

Finally, in an attempt to steer the conversation toward, "time to go back in your bed," (which ultimately happened shortly after 2) I asked him if he could hear how the thunder was getting quieter and farther away. He asked me where it was going.

Me: I'm not sure. Maybe Longview.
Ethan: I don't want it to be in Longview.
Me: No? Hm...well, maybe it's in Nacogdoches.
Ethan: I don't want it to be in Na.....that place.

And Nacogdoches was promptly filed in his brain under, "Too Hard to Say."

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