Monday, March 26, 2007

The Wild Rose of Texas

I promised Ethan last night that he could go out first thing this morning to hunt "Dandy-lie-lins." As he headed out the door, I pointed out two flowers on the far side of the yard. Not what he was looking for, but flowers nonetheless. He took off to investigate while I came back in to start his breakfast.

Before too long, he came back in requesting backup. Apparently he couldn't pick the flower he'd found. It was "stuck," and he needed some help. I decided now was as good a time as any to break out the safety scissors, so I showed him how to use them, went over scissor safety (always point down, walk-don't-run), and I watched him from the patio as he made his way back out to the white flower on the fence, stopping several times along the way to cut blades of grass.

When he came back, he was carrying a small white flower with five petals and a yellow center. A sweet-smelling wild Cherokee Rose.

It's growing through the fence in the back, so I wasn't sure whether we or our neighbors had the root. A gentle tug and it gave way from the neighbor's side, so the root is ours, and I am delighted to have a baby wild rose bush along my fence.

Researching it online, I learned that it's considered "invasive" in Texas (read: a weed) but I don't care. I've alerted Dave to keep it safe from the mower and weedeater, and now I'm looking forward to a fragrant, rose-covered fence in the summers to come.

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Jamie said...

Ida is obsessed with dandelions. When we drive somewhere,she screams "STOP" every time she sees one. If I manage not to get in an accident, it will be a miracle!