Friday, March 16, 2007

Weaning Aidan

I've started weaning Aidan off his bottle. It's bittersweet.

I expected difficulties putting him on a sippy and giving him milk. Ethan didn't take kindly to either one. Ethan would drink out of a straw and that was about it. And as for milk? Forget it! He liked soy milk, but not the real thing. Cheese? Yes. Yogurt? Yes. But milk? To drink? No thank you.

So I expected the process with Aidan to take time. But no. He's a born sippy-sipper and a pro at drinking milk. You'd think he'd never had anything else to drink. He guzzles it like it's Ambrosia.

But we still have a canister of formula we're working through. I've cut him back to a bottle a day, and I hate that I'm going to have to give it up.

You see, bottle time is our snuggle time. Since he never was much of a snuggler, bottle time was about the only snuggling I could fit it. Or, it was. Then he decided he was far too busy a baby to sit still and drink a bottle. He would struggle to sit up, and struggle to get away, never content. And these days it's even harder, since he's walking! He's a baby on the go! "I don't have time for this nonsense, Mommy!"

Not only is he walking, I discovered tonight. He's getting molars. Which means more solids, less liquids.

The time is ripe.

My baby is growing up.


Jamie said...

Your little one seems to have grown up over night! But just think, another one is on the way. You'll still get your snuggling in!

mommy said...

Yes, that's true. It's helpful to remember that.