Saturday, March 24, 2007

Startling Request

Dave and I are not drinkers. That's not to say we don't, once in a blue moon, have a Guinness or a bottle of wine, but it's certainly not typical, and it's not something we do with the kids around. The last time we had alcohol in this house was back in June.

Having said that, I have absolutely no earthly idea where Ethan came up with the question he asked while we were on our way to Taco Bell/LJS tonight.

Me: We're going to get some dinner. Would you like some fish for dinner?
Ethan: Yes! And some hushpuppies, and some fwoot punch...
Me: Well...we'll see what kind of drinks they have for you there. (We've cut out Red #40 from his diet, and fruit punch of course is overwhelmingly red. I was hoping they'd have some alternatives)
Ethan: Can I have a beer?
Me: .... uh, ..... what?! (stunningly eloquent, I know)

Never in a million years would I have expected my three-year-old to ask for beer. He did so as casually as if he were asking for milk or water - as if I'd been giving him beer his whole life.

As it turned out, I didn't even need to answer him. By the time I collected myself, he'd moved on to other topics. Probably fire hydrants or trees or trucks, though my shock was so great, I don't really remember much of what happened the next few minutes.

When I got home I asked Dave where in the world Ethan would have picked it up. He didn't know either, but come to think of it, we've had ESPN on an awful lot lately, what with the basketball games going on. And, well, you know...sports and beer - they just seem to go together. On TV anyway.

I'm guessing that perhaps we need to monitor more closely the commercials he sees.


Sari said...

Ami! I saw your blog address on some classmate link and decided to visit. Your kids are adorable. And this blog is great!

Hope your St. Paddy's day was lucky.

mommy said...

Holy Cow! How exciting - a blast from the past! :)

I see your articles in the Review and always wonder what you're up to these days (aside from the obvious of course).

Drop me a line if you want to, at amib_75 at hotmail dot com.

How great to hear from you! :D