Thursday, March 22, 2007

Project: Saturn, Phase 1

I found a really fun activity for little kids. Usually activities for Ethan's age group are really hard to find - they seem to all be geared toward school-aged kids. This one is simple enough that Ethan can be completely hands-on with most of it, and only needs me for a little of the more technical stuff.

We're making a planet. Saturn, to be exact. Out of a CD, a styrofoam ball, and some glitter. And when we're done, we'll be able to hang it in his room.

If you want to make one, the directions are here.

Prepping the "rings" for glitter

Sprinkling glitter

Glamming up the planet itself

Letting it dry before putting it all together


Jamie said...

Glitter? You are a brave mommy! Wish we lived closer, I'd send Ida over;o)

mommy said...

You know...I didn't give the glitter a second thought. I was REALLY nervous about the glue, though!