Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Memos to 24

Dear CTU; President's Bunker; Terrorist Safehouse; and anywhere else inside,

TURN ON THE DADGUMMED LIGHTS ALREADY! Seriously, it is so dark on this show now that sometimes you can barely make out the characters. It's 8PM, it's dark outside, I understand all this but there's this guy. His name was Edison. He did us all a HUGE favor by inventing the light bulb. Please flip a switch already, so I can see you.




Dear Milo,

It seems that in seasons past I've only had to say this to women, and I'm disappointed that I have to say this to you: Now Is Not The Time.

When the country has suffered terrorist attack after terrorist attack all day long, and there are four more nukes out there that it is your job to find before they are launched, do not start trying to hook up with your co-workers!

I expected it from Audrey, because she was annoying in every other conceivable way, so why not try to corner Jack at inopportune times to try to talk about their relationship? But Milo, I expected better from you.





Dear Husband,

I promise this is now out of my system, and you will hear no more from me about how dark it is on the show, or the fact that romance has no place in it.

Love always,

Your Wife

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Dave said...

Dear Wife,

Thank you. However, I remain skeptical that your objections to these issues with our favorite TV show have now been exhausted. I anticipate further protest from you next Monday, all the way until the season finale. Nonetheless, I will remain vigilant in coordinating my viewing of "24" with you, as is one of my many spousal duties.

Love always,
Your Husband