Monday, March 19, 2007

Inexhaustible Fount of Curiosity

Ethan has been a lean, mean, question machine this week. He's kept me running to the computer over and over, researching questions he's asked for which I either don't have exact facts, or just plain don't know the answer.

I've joked that I should just go ahead and have, "I don't know. Let's find out," tattooed on my forehead, as much as I find myself repeating that phrase.

Among the questions he's asked this week (and each question links to the answer, if you click it. You know, in case you've got a question machine of your own):

What sound does a rocket make? (springboarded from his interest in the planets, which has carried us along quite nicely - he's absorbed more information about the solar system and space travel than I had when I was twice his age and then some)

Where do cicadas come from?

What happened to my pinecone?! (asked with alarm, after going out to the patio and discovering that his pinecone he'd brought home from the zoo the other week was closed up tight. I had the wrong answer [it's just getting old, I guess. That's what happens after a while] so now I need to set him straight. I wouldn't have thought twice about that answer, except that when I went out this morning, the pinecone had opened back up again, sparking my own curiosity.)

I must say, I am having a ball answering questions for him, and learning new things for myself in the process. It reinforces for me that the decision we've made to homeschool him was the right one. The things he asks never cease to amaze me, and I hope that he feels that I encourage his curiosity, because I want him to never stop wondering how this world, and everything in it, works.

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