Tuesday, February 27, 2007

That Was Too Easy

Ethan (on part of last night's dinner - garlic bread dipped in Alfredo sauce): I don't ever, never, never, ever want that - it was TOO HOT! It burned me and I cried! Don't ever, ever, never, EVER! feed me that again!

Me: But what if was cooled off and it wouldn't burn your mouth? It might be good. You might like it if it weren't hot.

Ethan (after a long pause to consider): All right.


Kerrie said...

Ami! My goodness, I didn't know you were expecting #3 - I need to pop in more often - congratulations!
I still love how you've started teaching your little ones already, I should be doing so well - want to come sub for me for a while? ;-D

mommy said...

Thanks Kerrie! :)

Oh, goodness - we're certainly not formal here. The teaching moments don't even seem to come every day, but when I see one I just try to snag it. ;)