Saturday, February 10, 2007

International Bright Young Thing

We went to an international food fair at our church tonight to help raise money for our school. They had food from 19 different countries.

I was so proud of Ethan. He ate just about everything we put in front of him.

He had a Jamaican fritter, Italian bruschetta, German kuchen, and a snow cone. He also tried rice with peas, flan, baklava, spanakopita, and some sort of bread balls with cheese from Brazil.

The only thing he wasn't crazy about was the flan. But Aidan was enthused enough for both of them, and he finished it off.

Then Ethan ran laps around the gym for about 20 minutes before we packed up and came home.

He should sleep well tonight!


gb said...

Did he? :)

Jamie said...

That sounds like fun. And like that festival Epcot has every year with their food stands set I'm missing FL!

I made kuchen once.....

mommy said...

That Epcot thing sounds like a lot of fun! Maybe when we take the obligatory trip to Disney, we can plan it around then.

I've never made kuchen, but this was good. I'll have to try it for myself sometime.