Tuesday, January 02, 2007

What I Did Over Christmas Vacation

I was a lazy Mommy. Lazy with a capital L.

I had every intention of making cookies for a few of our neighbors. I actually mixed up two batches of dough - one molasses and one eggnog. The molasses ones were to be sandwiched with lemon cream inbetween and the eggnogs were to be frosted with an eggnog icing.

I took the kids to the store looking for cookie cutters, because mine mysteriously disappeared (I'm guessing it happened when we moved here?). I could NOT find cookie cutters. Not a one. You'd think, given this is about the height of the baking season, there would be a surfeit of them - that you couldn't turn around with bumping into one, but such is not the case. I bet if I weren't actually looking, they would have been everywhere. Bah.

And I am ashamed to admit I got so frustrated that I lost all Christmas cookie spirit and came home dejected and didn't bake the eggnog cookies after all. I did bake the molasses ones, but didn't frost them. We just took the lot of them with us to Michigan and ate as many as we could before they got too stale.

Also? I bought Christmas cards before we left, and we didn't get them sent before we went out of town. So we took them with us, hoping to mail them on the road. It didn't happen. So if you are wondering why you didn't get a card from our family this year, rest assured we still like you, and we'll be back in the swing of things next year.

But not all was lost! We had lovely Christmases in both Michigan and Tennessee, and saw family and friends. I got to visit IKEA. AND they were having a SALE! So I got curtains for the living room, dining room, and master bedrooms for a whopping total of $25.

Aidan is starting to "talk," by which I mean if you tell him to say bye-bye he'll say babababa and if you tell him to say daddy (or doggie) he'll say dadadadada so it's a start. He can wave now, too, though mostly he chooses not to, and he likes to play peekaboo now, holding a bandana over his head and pulling it down when you ask where he went.

Ethan loved our trip. He loved seeing family, and he adored everyone we visited, and he is still talking about Boris (Dave's friends' dog), who thrilled Ethan by actually played with him instead of laying on the floor being a grouch as our own dog is prone to do.

And then! We came home and yesterday we got quite a surprise, which is a whole other post.

I hope everyone had as blessed a Christmas as we did and a fun New Year's Eve.

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Kindra said...

Boris would LOVE to have Ethan around all the time. Willow and I simply can't compete with an energetic little boy running around :)