Thursday, January 18, 2007

Non-Dr. Visit

I had my first appointment today at the Dr's office. You'll notice I didn't say I had my appointment with the Dr., and that's because I didn't. This appointment was to be only with the financial consultant and the nurse (in this city, every OB requires payment in full by the 7th month of pregnancy of whatever is not covered by insurance, so I had to get that set up).

I was somewhat leery of the whole thing to begin with. In order to get this appt and the next one for the Dr., I had to go back and forth on the phone with them for over a week. When I called this week and left a message about some paperwork they wanted me to fill out before I came in this morning, they never did get back to me.

This Dr. came very highly recommended to me by someone I trust, so I'm hoping all the hassle is seriously worth it.

They. Were. Swamped. I had one of the first appointments of the morning, at 8:30, and I still didn't get out of there until 10.

They were so swamped (that early in the morning!) that the nurse sat me down at the computer in the back and had me fill out my own medical history. Which I suppose is fine; I can read faster than she can ask me (plus I can process the questions better when I can read them). My problem with that is that she brought in another patient and sat her next to the computer where I would have been sitting, and proceeded to tell her her blood pressure and urine results (normal results for both but still...), and even worse the patient couldn't seem to keep her eyes to herself and off my "paper." (Yes, I know... "Mommy, where is your backbone?" I think I left it back in Georgia.)

I'd like to think this is the exception rather than the rule for how things are run there.

So wish me luck. Pray that the Dr. himself makes all of it worthwhile, because I am seriously tempted to back out now and slink with my tail between my legs to the OB who delivered Aidan.


Gail said...

OHMYGOSH!! That's insane! I hope things do get better there, I'm not sure how I'd handle that one.

Any chance you could talk to the person who reccomended the doc and ask her if it's normal?

mommy said...

I asked her this weekend when they came to our house for lunch. She said that didn't happen to her, so I don't know...I'm still reserving judgment till I see the actual doctor.