Thursday, January 18, 2007

Good Things

I'm a bad mood dude today, so I'm making myself do that exercise where you sit down and list 5 things that make you happy. I figured I'd share, since I've been short on posts lately anyway.

Here are my five:

1) When I took Ethan with me to McDonald's this past Sunday for breakfast, I learned that he thinks it's "Old MacDonald's." I'm not going to correct him - it's too cute and it makes me smile.

2) 24 is back!

3) Hey cool! I just this minute found my debit card!

4) Girl Scout cookies are ordered and on the way!

5) My husband is on his way home. And since neither kid took a nap today, we get to put them to bed early and snuggle in for our shows.


Jamie said...

Your list made me smile and they aren't even my five things. I have to agree with you on #4...and won't it be a good day when they ARRIVE!!!

Claire said...

Hehehe, I love #4 too. What kind did you get? ;P

Number 3 is always good too.

mommy said...

We got Thin Mints, and Dave got a box of something else...Samoas, maybe?

I can't wait!