Sunday, January 07, 2007


That's a good "aaaaaaahhhh!", not an exasperated one.

My tastebuds have finally been rebooted, thanks to this pregnancy.

When I got pregnant with Aidan, I was sick. Sick, sick, SICK. I wondered aloud to anyone who would listen how a person could be this sick without actually throwing up. I spent my days sitting on the couch trying not to move and breathing through my mouth so I wouldn't catch a whiff of anything whatsoever. Walking through my kitchen, even holding my breath and staring at the floor, made me gag.

When you are that sick, you eat what you can stomach, whether it's healthy or not. In my case, it was chicken eggrolls, peanuts, and orange juice. Pretty much every day for three months.

And even though the sickness eventually went away, I never recovered. I had no appetite whatsoever for fruits, vegetables, cheeses, whole grains...all I wanted was chips, pizza, and Things Fried.

Sadly, after I delivered Aidan, my tastebuds were still unimpressed with anything that smacked of health.

But now! It's like a breath of fresh air! I want light things again! I want oranges and salad and turkey sandwiches and whole grain crackers! I just got back from grocery shopping for the week, and talk about eating a rainbow! Red and green peppers, bananas, apples, oranges, protein smoothies (they taste like chai AND they give me a full day's worth of the B vitamins - what's not to love?), salad, tomatoes, cheeses, spinach (3 bags!), chicken eggrolls (11 grams of protein and only 120 calories), pears, milk, black, red, and white beans....the list goes on and on. I actually want fresh whole food again. I'm craving vitamins.

And I know this sounds strange, but I'm actually looking forward to being pregnant in the summer because of the wonderful produce. Mmmm...peaches. There is nothing in this world better than Sunbelt granola covered with milk and chunks of fresh peach.

So bless you, baby. You've done a wonderful thing for your mother, even before you've gotten here.

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Jamie said...

You are going to be one healthy mommy! Now I'm hungry for some produce;o)