Sunday, December 31, 2006

We're Back!

After a wonderful but exhausting trip to Illinois, Michigan, and Tennessee, we're home safe and sound.

Ethan is astounded at how much this house looks like our house. The fans are like the ones at our house! His room is like his room at our house! And we even have the same toys here! We've given up telling him it IS our house - the very same one, yes it is.

But for now? I'm falling asleep sitting up, so off to bed with me.

Happy New Year, everyone!


Jamie said...

Happy New Year! Hope Ethan realizes he is home today;o) We're back into our routine now that the holidays are over. They go by way too quickly!

Claire said...

Has Ethan realized he is home yet? We were out of state for the holidays for a little over a week with the boys and it was nice, but hard. Ty'Lain was back into his routine as soon as we got back home. Whew!

Happy New Year!

mommy said...

Yes, I think he figured it out. It didn't help that when we got home it was late and he'd been sleeping in the van, so he was quite out of it. Hehehe

Ah...routine. We're trying to get settled back in here, too.