Thursday, December 14, 2006


This is the year. This is the year that I think Ethan is finally old enough to take a meaningful part in Christmas traditions.

And this was the morning to begin them.

Since we'll be out of town for Christmas itself, I decided to make cookies in advance for a few of our neighbors (and of course for ourselves). When I was a kid, my mom made Christmas cookies every year, and I loved "helping." The rolling and cutting shapes and frosting just seemed so festive and exciting.

So this morning when I got him up, I told him we would make cookies. He was thrilled. We turned on the Rudolph Christmas special (on which his favorite character by far is the Charlie-in-the-Box. Go figure). I put everything out on the table and turned his chair around backward so he could stand on it without tipping. He dumped flour and sugar and spices. He whisked and stirred and was enthralled with the scent. We put the dough in the fridge to firm up and I set him down to finish watching "Charlie" and came in here to tell my husband things were well under way.

When I went back out to check on Ethan, a horrific sight met my eyes. He was on his knees on the dining room table, with the lids off the flour and sugar canisters, eating sugar by the fistful. And as you can imagine even if you don't know from experience, it's hard to get a fistful of sugar from the container to your mouth without leaving a trail. It was a disaster.

And yet, it was hilarious. And I wished I'd had the camera with me because honestly, how great of a picture would that have been for the album?

When I got him down and cleaned up all the sugar drifts from the table, I gathered up the canisters and put them back in the pantry. Whereupon he threw himself down on the floor wailing because, really, if you're a kid and you've just been awakened to the bliss that is a fistful of sugar, wouldn't you be upset if your mother had the unmitigated gall to take it away?

The rest of the day went better. He spent most of the morning playing outside, and now he's in bed for a nap, and I've mixed the other cookies. When he wakes up, we'll turn on the Sirius Christmas station and let the baking begin.

I can't wait.

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Claire said...

We just baked a ton of cookies ourselves. Ty had a blast helping to pour and mix stuff. He also loved doing the sugar crystal sprinkles, but I think he got more on himself, the floor, and the table then he did on the actual cookies. Then there was the time he went to use the green ones, and the lid fell off.....He loved "playing" in the flour and had it all over his face and hands.

As for getting into the sugar...In all honesty, I probably would have left him there long enough to grab the camera and take a picture...or two or three. ;)

Glad the rest of the day went better.