Wednesday, December 06, 2006

My Latest Creation

Of course, by "creation" I mean, "recipe from Food & Wine."

Pear pie. Mmmmm....

We had this for Thanksgiving, along with the obligatory pumpkin pie. Lucky I thought to make two, because the pumpkin was a disaster, but this? Was marvelous. Even Aidan loved it.

And nowI've made another for Dave's office's holiday feast, but as with the Boston Cream Pie, I can't let my baby go without a snapshot and a blog entry.

Maybe one of these days I'll lighten up enough to feel comfortable sending things off without being able to taste test them first and make sure they're suitable. It kills me every time. Take tonight, for example. The crust? Kept ripping. My firm D'Anjou pears? Surprise! Half the bag was not-nearly-as-firm Bartlett. (I don't know where my head was on Sunday while I was picking them out. Granted, they should not have been in the same bin, but still I should have been paying attention.) So am I neurotic about sending things like this away without a trial? Heck yes.

Anyway. Enough about my neuroses.

Without further ado, behold...

The Pie. God speed, my pretty.

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