Saturday, December 09, 2006

Dawdler Extraordinaire

Ethan is a slow eater. No, I don't think you quite understand. I mean he. Is. A. SLOW. Eater. There are about a million things he'd rather do than eat, but he hasn't yet grasped the concept that the quicker he eats the quicker he can go do other things, so he sits there and does everything else BUT eat.

We have tried everything. Nagging, setting the timer, distraction, no distraction...nothing works because he honestly doesn't care if he eats or not. Food is expendable. He'd just as soon live on air and occasionally juice or water or milk (portable, dontcha know; no need to stop or even slow down).

I'm not asking him to inhale his food, but really something needs to be done. Surely there is a middle ground.

Tonight I set his own personal pesto pizza in front of him and determined I would stick it out and see just how long it takes him to eat when he is allowed to go on his own steam.

He talked to me nonstop while I ate my own pizza.

He talked to me nonstop while I fed Aidan.

He talked to daddy nonstop while I put Aidan to bed.

He talked to me nonstop while I cleaned up the kitchen.

He talked to me nonstop while I sat at the bar with him and tried to read a book.

Two. Hours.

It took him two hours from first bite to last. And I admit I actually broke down and did a little nagging at the end, because I was getting desperate and it would otherwise have taken him three. I am so not kidding.

It's WAY past his bedtime. He's munching a candy cane, and then going immediately to bed.

And he's out there crying because he wants to play when he's done with dessert. I wish there was a way to make him understand that he could have had at least an hour and a half of playtime if he'd just scarfed the thing down. Please tell me the lightbulb will go on in his head and he'll get it.


Jamie said...

You have the patience of a saint. If Ida doesn't eat...I put it away. It was hard at first because I had this fear of her starving! But...surprise, or two dawdling meals disappearing...and she was cured!

mommy said...

We used to set the timer for him, and take away the meal after it went off, but we didn't really see any changes with that.

But I'm wondering now that it's been a while, if it's time to dust that trick off and give it another go.

mommy said...

Oh, and patience. Hehehehe. I have no patience. It was nothing more than scientific curiosity. You'll see at the end I got impatient despite myself and started prodding. ;)

Logen said...

I understand the feeling. My little sister's eating time ranges from an hour to three hours. It depend on whether you are feeding or she is eating by herself. The latter would usualyy mean more distractions.

Btw, Merry Xmas :)