Thursday, December 14, 2006

Budding Grammar Nazi

Earlier this morning Ethan was treating me, as per usual, to his stream of consciousness, and I was doing my requisite "he did?!"/"you were?!"/"is that so?" because if I don't pipe up to show I'm listening, he repeats himself at increasing volume, you know, IN CASE YOU DIDN'T HEAR ME, MOMMY! YOU MUST NOT HAVE BECAUSE YOU DIDN'T ANSWER ME!!!

In the middle of his ramblings, there was this little exchange:

Ethan: ...and that was kind of silly! Did he writed it, Mommy?
Me: He did, didn't he?
Ethan: No. He didn't writed it. Wrote. Wrote.
Me: (shocked that a 3-year-old would be conscious of grammar) Very good! You got the right word!


Jamie said...

Won't he be easy to home school! ;o) I love his little personality!

mommy said...

Goodness, I hope so!

Of course, now that I read back over the entry, the grammar nazi in ME is going, "well, yes, it's 'he wrote,' but in Ethan's context it would have been WRITE, as in, 'did he write it,'" and now I'm making myself a little crazy with the analyzing, so I'll stop. ;)