Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Ethan is convinced that he's too old for naps.

I, on the other hand, see him on an evening when he hasn't taken a nap, and I am convinced more than ever that his napping days are most definitely not over.

We had worked out a sort of tenuous deal whereby he goes down in his crib for quiet time, for the same amount of time every day, whether he falls asleep or not. If he were a screamer and fighter, this probably wouldn't work for us, but since he is perfectly content to sing and play in his crib, it works beautifully. On the days he doesn't fall asleep, he goes to bed early to make up for it. And usually with this system, he will fall asleep for a nap every other day or so.

Until now.

Currently, he hasn't napped since Friday. And it's taking its toll. On everyone.

I used to tell myself it wasn't about the nap. I used to tell myself if he needed sleep, he'd sleep. I didn't sweat it (or, I tried not to), and I told myself if he didn't nap that day, chances were excellent that he'd nap the next.

People, this is Day 5.

And I am losing my mind.

Normally it's not about the nap. This week? It is SO about the nap. It's ALL about the nap. It's quite obvious he is not ready to do without those extra couple hours of sleep. He is a wreck. He's emotionally fragile, we're battling meltdown after meltdown, he's wild as only a child with not enough sleep can be, and our already-slightly-out-of-control household is completely shutting down under the strain.

I wish I knew what to do. You can't make a child sleep. But these days, I really, really wish it could be so.

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