Thursday, November 02, 2006

Loving Life

(BEWARE: this is a unabashedly "mommy blog" post)

Ethan is asleep!

It took him FOREVER, but he's asleep.

I went in to check on him, and I at first panicked that he wasn't in his crib, but then I realized he was cocooned in his blanket, completely and totally covered head to toe.

I wanted so badly to take a picture but the flash just bounces off the net.

I bought him some beads and pipe cleaners today at the store when we went for the rest of his party stuff, and he had a great time threading the beads. I got him some special ones to take in his bag to church. Maybe that'll buy us some quiet time there this week. We'll see if it's a genius idea by me, or if it just means I spend the service bead-hunting under the pews.

Aidan's got at least three and possibly four more teeth coming in on top. He's sitting here on my leg, eating our Brookshires shopper card, and looking beautifully Eloise Wilkins, with the ridiculously huge eyes and the little overbite.

The party is this weekend, and I'm now as of today 100% ready, and I can't wait.

And now if you'll excuse me, I've got a bottle to fix for the wee one.

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