Tuesday, November 21, 2006


My mom and I went to the book sale at the library this weekend. I haven't been to a library sale in years. It was lots of fun, and I picked up a book for Ethan called, "Latin is Fun," hoping to use it in our homeschooling in a few years.

Turns out Latin really is fun. At least, it is for Ethan. Flipping through it at the dinner table that night, I was surprised to find he was already fascinated with it. It seems to be aimed at younger children, with lots of cartoons and pictures. So I found a couple of pages full of animals with their Latin names. I started going through them and telling him the Latin words for monkeys, birds, sheep, and all the rest. He begged for the book again at bedtime, and he loved it and asked for it again yesterday and today.

I figured it won't hurt to just play around with it a bit; after all, don't they say children pick up language most easily between the ages of three and five? I told myself I'd let him set the pace and as long as he stayed interested, I'd just go with it.

Today after lunch we went through again. He's learning the animals quite well, and knows almost all the names. So I mixed things up a little and started pointing out the animals in a different context - a picture on a different page in the book.

I pointed to a rabbit (cuniculus), which he'd known not 5 minutes earlier. "Ethan, what is this? Do you remember the name for a bunny?"

He responded, perfectly straight-faced, "Bunnyus."

And with that, the lesson for the day was concluded.


Anji said...

I've taught English to 3-6 year old French children in the past and I think it's great to get them while they are interested. they also don't have the hang ups about trying new words and sounds that most older children seem to have. what a lucky find!

Jamie said...

That's a riot! Your boys are going to have the greatest experiences with you teaching them!!!

Kerrie said...

LOL! What a bright little guy! My teenagers still fall back on the old "add -us" trick. :-D
It's so cool that you're teaching him already - Linguam Latinam amo!

Kelley said...

Ha! That's too funny!

He knows about as much Latin as I do. ;)

T said...

I'm digging the "Bunnyus".. that rocks! Laughing my butt off!
Love you!!!

sheryl said...

One of my friends knew some of 4 languages by 6 years old she is now studying for her masters in foreign lanuages so keep it up. What she learned out of necessity he can learn for fun. Bunnyus is great! keep the memories they grow up to fast.
love ya,sheryl