Thursday, November 02, 2006

Because I'm Feeling Generous

Anybody want 75 BE credits?

First one to leave their BE user name in the comments gets them.


Don said...

Since no one did, I will. :) dmbell is my BE name. :)

I use to live in El Paso Texas, miss it at times. (Actually still call it "home" as I lived there from 6 days old on and off till I was 18...)

mommy said...

They're yours. :)

I have yet to make it over to El Paso. One of these days I'm sure we will.

Hope I put your name in right and the credits came through OK.


Jamie said...

Oh sure...catch me on an "off" week;o)

I have lots to read here...keeping it open to get back to it during a peaceful those exist anymore?

mommy said...


So good to "see" you back again!

Ah, peaceful moments...I think I've HEARD of those.

Just kidding. It'll all fall into place. Hang in there.