Monday, October 02, 2006

Yep, Still Blonde

So there's been yet another school shooting, the third in a week (by my count) and a gunman spotted in Las Vegas, prompting a lockdown of two schools may or may not bring it up to four.

Setting aside for the moment the obvious reaction of "what the heck is happening in this country?! Four in a week?!" as a discussion for another post, I'll tell you this.

The shooting today was at an Amish school. Having never seen much about Amish schools, and wanting to learn more about them....

I went looking for a website.

I'll wait while you let that sink in.

I promise you it didn't take long for me to remember that the Amish typically shun things like electricity, and phones, and cars, and....OH, SAY, COMPUTERS!! Because really, I did know that. It just took a minute for my brain to locate that fact in its "Amish" file.

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Jamie said...

Well, we seem to google just about anything these days...just habit I suppose. These school shootings are so...well...there doesn't seem to be a word to describe it. I hate to even listen to the news!