Saturday, October 28, 2006


When we moved here from Connecticut, it was the middle of summer. It was very hot, but not unbearable. Still, when the days finally started getting cooler that fall, I welcomed the change. It felt cool but not cold. I was just happy it wasn't snowing. I was ready for the mild temperatures.

Imagine my surprise, on a night when it was about 55 or 60, seeing a woman at Target in a full-length suede coat and boots to match, when I was still wearing shorts and t-shirts. I mercilessly mocked her (privately, of course, and out of earshot) to my husband. These Texans, I laughed. It's not cold. They don't know cold.

Now that we've been here a year?

Well, we just got back from the park. I am wearing fleece pants, a t-shirt, and a sweatshirt over that, and since I knew Ethan would be more active than I, I bundled him up just a tad lighter in a long-sleeved t-shirt and sweat pants. My ears are still aching a little from the cold breeze.

Curious as to just how cold it is, I just checked the weather.

It's 62 degrees.

We have officially succumbed.


Jamie said...

Oh that is funny! And boy, can I relate. I was the same way when we lived in Florida. And now...I am wimpier than ever. With temperatures in the 40's earlier this week, I can't seem to get warm. Two years in Orlando ruined me! I still love fall and winter, but it's painfully cold!

Dave said...

We? We've succumbed? Speak for yourself. It's hotter than hell here. :-)

Jamie said...


mommy said...

Whatever you say, Mr. Bundle Up In A Big Fuzzy Sweatshirt To Go Play Basketball.

:P ;)