Thursday, October 12, 2006


Blah and double-blah.

If it hasn't been bad around here, it's been boring. No one wants to read about that.

Ethan's hit another rough patch in his development, and we are hanging on for dear life to the balcony's-edge of sanity, with the veriest tips of our fingernails. He, on the other hand, is blithely pillaging and plundering, leaving a wide swath o' destruction in his wake, including two broken window screens! and a purple fridge! and a trail of soggy, slobbery, spit-out Rolaids (thank you, Dooce, for telling us ahead of time that a toddler can eat up to 20 with no ill effect. The Armstrongs called Poison Control so we don't have to)!

Currently - right this very second - he is at my elbow alternately having a meltdown because I won't cover him up with the star blanket immediately if not sooner!!, and asking my about the brownies I have at my other elbow ("What's in there, Mommy?" "Something that's dirty and yucky and you don't want to eat it." "Is it poo-poo?" "Well, no, not exactly...").

I'm hanging in there, and hoping maybe this afternoon will be the turning point. Or tomorrow morning. Or tomorrow afternoon. Each day I hope that it will happen in the next few hours.

Hope is the only thing that's keeping me sane.

UPDATE: The second I wrote that line, I heard someone in the kitchen trying very hard to be quiet and sneaky. It was Ethan. Eating butter. You see? I get no time to blog these days. None at all.

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Jamie said...

Oh yuck...phases like this just wipe you out. They are exhausting, stressful, and sometimes depressing. Ida was at her worst a few weeks ago and still doesn't seem to be out of it yet. It's a constant struggle, which has pushed and pulled me beyond my limits. Thankfully, there are moments of joy that make it all worthwhile. But I feel your pain...and I sympathize. Even if I can't give you one word of advice to make it better! Hang in there!