Friday, October 20, 2006

Bear With Me

Still hermitting.

I've been sick, and have given it to Aidan, and as of this afternoon I think Ethan may have been bitten by this bug as well. We have a birthday party we're expected at tomorrow, but with all of us sick, we may have to send Dave alone as our emissary.

I've also been planning Ethan's birthday party, and am getting very excited about it. If you remember, we won a birthday party at a local children's museum, so I've been having to make actual arrangements and stuff about when we're allowed in, when we'll be kicked out, tables, trashcans, the whole deal (which, come to think of it, better that than actually have to clean my own house, right?). I've been doing tons of price-comparison on favors and all the other supplies, because we're on a pretty tight budget, but I think we're about done and we have (or have ordered) everything we need.

The Lord willing and the creek don't rise, my mom and grandparents are flying in on the 2nd, so they'll be here in time for the party.

Ethan's so excited to see them, and so excited about his party. I think I'm more excited about seeing him excited than about the party itself. He just makes everything so much more fun. Seeing things through his eyes is a wonderful thing.


Jamie said...

How wonderful that your Mom and grandparents can come!

Claire said...

I hope everyone is feeling better.

Ethan's upcoming party sounds like fun. That's awesome that your Mom and Grandparents are coming. Hope everything goes smoothly.

mommy said...

We're all better finally. Dave got lucky and didn't catch it, thank goodness.