Tuesday, September 26, 2006


My husband just got home from work, bearing a dozen world-famous Tyler roses.

The picture does not do them justice, especially since I didn't take a picture of the whole thing because I suck at arranging flowers. Take it from me - the fragrance is enchanting, and it more than makes up for me not knowing how to properly put them in a vase.


Jamie said...

How beautiful. I've never heard of tyler roses before. Don't you just love a husband's sweet surprises?

Dave said...

Jamie - Tyler is the Rose Capital of the World. They are plentiful in these parts, and quite fragrant. What my wife didn't tell you is that a dozen roses in Tyler can be had for the grand sum of two dollars. Heh.

Kerrie said...

Hey Ami, I finally thought to bookmark your blog.
Those are beautiful!
Wow - even Vince might bring me roses if we could find them for $2.00 a dozen. ;-)