Friday, September 15, 2006

Stream of Consciousness

Ethan: Remember when I fell down on the slippery computer broken?
Me: ... Hm... Was that a dream? Or was that something that really happened?
Ethan: Yes. And remember the seeds comed out of the (something weird I forgot - boot, maybe?) and the seeds from the ladder?
Me: Um...I'm thinking that was definitely a dream.
Ethan: Yes.
Me: (to Dave) You'll have to excuse me for a minute while I go blog that before I forget it.
Ethan: And I fell down on my BUTT!!! (laughing hysterically, and pooting from laughing so hard, which of course makes him laugh even harder)
Me: OK, now I definitely have to blog it!

I have NO idea what any of that was about. It was very very surreal. But at least it's recorded now for posterity, in case his wife wants to know what he was like at almost-three.

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