Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Quotes from Ethan

After going to the park yesterday as his surprise for being a good boy and taking a nap:
"Where's my surprise?"
"Ethan, this is your surprise. The park is your surprise."
"But I want a surprise."
"Coming to the park is your surprise. This is it. The park. Play."
"Where is my surprise at the park?"

After asking Daddy to let him get down from the highchair after dinner, and being told Daddy would let him down in just a minute:
"But I want to get down! Mommy? Can you get me down, please? Daddy is being a very. Sassy. Man."

After dropping part of his dessert in his lap:
"Oh no! There's a date in my shorts!" (Jamie, seeing your post on Ida's sauce quote made me think of this one from the other day!)

After "nap" time today:
"I sleeped!"
"No, you didn't sleep, silly. I heard you in here playing the whole time."
"I sleeped in Konnegut (Connecticut). I put on sock gloves and rode on the train."
"..." (I was baffled and still am even now)

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Jamie said...

LOL @ the date in his lap! Although that last one is a good one too. Makes you wonder what he was thinking about during his nap!