Friday, September 15, 2006

Officially Freaking Out

Our little problem with black widow spiders has been documented here in my blog. We started out with one in Ethan's window, then another in Ethan's window (both outside, of course).

Then my husband smoked out another while he was pressure washing the door (if "smoked out" is what you say when it was done with water. Flooded out, maybe?). A blast from the washer obliterated it.

Then I saw another by the front door, which disappeared into a hole. Then another a couple weeks later, then another a couple days after that.

Then two more earlier this week, one of which I killed.

And THEN! Today! We came home from running errands and I noticed a spider INSIDE by the front door that I hadn't seen. Pale and spindly. Coming closer to get a better look, I see it's keeping company with... you guessed it. Another black widow spider.




With. My. Children.

Trying very, very hard to keep my cool and not hyperventilate, I barely managed a Squash-n-Flush manuever, but it is just way too out of control at this point.

I can tolerate them outside. Don't like it, but they eat other bugs, and to their credit they are shy, and not aggressive (extremely, unbelievably shy - once they've run away from me, I've never seen them come out again. I only know the one in Ethan's window is still there because if I twist my neck just so, I can barely see its legs, way up in the corner). I could deal, however squeamishly. But in my house? Around my kids? Venomous spiders? No flipping way.

I just got off the phone with Tommy (something I should have done months ago). He will be here first thing Monday morning, having assured me he has just the thing for black widow spiders. And while he's at it, he'll be taking care of the ants, and anything else in this house that has more than 4 legs (I was about to say 2 legs, but I was forgetting the dog).

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Snickle said...


Good call on phoning Tommy, I would of had a For Sale sign on my front lawn by the sighting of the second spider (after having spent a couple nights in a hotel from the sight of the first spider).