Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Moments Like These

Ethan's education has been very very important to Dave and me ever since we first found out I was pregnant. It's probably been the single most important thing we think about when it comes to how we want to raise him.

Currently we are planning to homeschool. Some days I am terrified of this, wondering if I can possibly do it justice. There are so many ways to do it - how do you pick? Do you even need to pick? So many questions that sometimes I feel overwhelmingly intimidated.

And then there are the other days. On those days I watch him master something new or learn about something new that fascinates him, and I am excited beyond words at what lies ahead of us.

Like a couple of weeks ago when he picked up yet another miscellaneous object that was NOT a horn, and pretended it was a horn (he is obsessed with horns). It was part of a hanging mobile, and was curved. I started brainstorming, and took him on my lap and showed him how it looked like a ram's horn (shofar). We looked at pictures of shofars, and even found a video on YouTube of a rabbi blowing a shofar for Rosh Hoshanna. He was enthralled. I think we watched it about 15 times. It added another facet to his love of All Things Horn.

Then there was last week when he asked me if I remembered the "duck" on Nemo. He meant the pelican, he just didn't know the name for it. So we had the same sort of teaching moment that we'd had the week before. We learned about pelicans, their special beaks, what they eat, and then we found a video again on YouTube of someone feeding wild pelicans in Australia.

When he turned 1, I got him a bucket full of oversized Legos. He's never shown much of an interest in them, though, until today. Today they've built a big tall house in Connecticut, with a freaky man inside eating chips (um...OK...), a traffic light (stacked end to end with the circles pointing out), a road for his trucks, a piano for his fireman complete with a bench for Fireman to sit on, and presents for his fireman. Once his imagination started firing there was no stopping it. He jumped from one imaginary idea to the next, and was occupied with it up until naptime.

These are the days when I'm excited about teaching him at home. I love taking the ideas he throws at me and running with them until he learns as much as he can hold. I love to see him running with his own ideas even without me, coming up with new ways to play that even I never would have thought of.

He's a wonder, my boy. I hope he's always as thirsty for new knowledge and experiences as he is right now.


Jamie said...

Your feelings about homeschooling are so similar to mine...both your fears and the excitement you feel in those teachable moments. Ida and Ethan would make great playmates. It's a shame we are too far away!

mommy said...

It really is, isn't it? I can just see the two of them playing together - they'd be quite a pair!

Giridhar B said...

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Donna said...

You are homeschooling :) Everyday is an education at home. Enjoy every minute with your child.