Friday, September 08, 2006

I Can Take a Hint

I can't believe I forgot to post this. When I told Gail about it, she said I should, and I meant to, and then it just slipped my mind until now.

The kind of formula I use for Aidan used to only be available here at Walgreens (now it's available at Albertson's too, apparently, but I didn't know that till the other day). And yet 3 out of the 4 times I'd go there to get formula, they'd be out. And when I asked if they had any in the back (any formula at all, not even naming a brand), I was told they had none. No formula. Of any kind. In the stockroom. After this happened a few times, and I could see that it wasn't going to change, I started to get a little annoyed.

I'm sorry...but doesn't that seem like they have a crappy buyer? One who maybe doesn't do such a great job? Because it seems to me that formula should be stocked regularly and sufficiently. It's not a special item. It's formula, for crying out loud. And especially if you start hearing on a fairly regular basis that you're selling out of a specific brand regularly, you might want to change the way you order it. Just sayin'.

So anyway. That was gripe number one.

Gripe number two is about the indigents.

When I would go there to get Aidan's formula, it was usually after dark. We would put the kids to bed, and Dave would stay with them while I went out.

So imagine how uncomfortable it made me, a woman, alone, after dark, to be approached by strange scruffy looking men asking for money to fix a car that had supposedly broken down. This was not just a one-time deal, this happened many more times.

Finally I got fed up with things, and sent a complaint to Walgreens via their website. I waited and waited and didn't hear back (going on two weeks now).

But when I went to the store again for formula, it was there. Stocked. The shelf was bursting with it.

Coincidence? I don't know. But when I went to check out, there at the register was a prominent display of.....


It'd make a heck of an ad, wouldn't it?

"Walgreens. We'll stock your stinkin' formula. But in the parking lot you're on your own."

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Jamie said...

I think your ad idea is kind of catchy;o)