Sunday, September 10, 2006


Well, it's about stinkin' time. Aidan, at the ripe old age of 8 months, 1 week, has just polished off his first 2-oz. container of 1st Foods Sweet Potatoes.

It's been a struggle trying to get him to eat solids. We tried rice cereal with breast milk, formula, and juice. He refused it all. We tried prunes, carrots, and bananas. He wouldn't take more than a couple bites before shutting his mouth tight and refusing more.

I was very much unprepared for that. Ethan gobbled down everything in his path from a couple days before 4 months (so I was impatient to try it), up till he got bored with food at about 14 months. Seriously, this kid would eat ANYTHING. When Ethan was Aidan's age, he was eating spicy lentil soup. And here I can't even get little brother to do more than get a little bit of cereal on his lips before he shuts down completely.

I was getting worried, but I tried to let it go. I gave it Ye Olde College Trye here and there, but didn't push. I just figured he'd do it when he was ready.

And then I found out that Gail's baby is eating Cheerios! And stealing his big brother's sippy! Yay MiKael! But, um...Aidan? 1st Foods? Not yet. (I know, I know...we are NOT supposed to compare, but it's a Mommy thing. We are all guilty of it. We can't help it - it's instinct! You show me a Mommy who hasn't measured her baby in some way to another. I bet you can't.)

And then today I read in one of my books (really, why do we read the books?) that by the end of this month he should be able to feed himself a cracker. OK, well, we're SO not even close to that point.

And so today at the grocery store I loaded up on packages of 1st Foods, and dagnabbit, we were going to try again.

And just now, we did. And he scarfed it down like he'd been doing it for the 2-4 months he should have been doing it. He opened his mouth for every bite, he only spit because that's been his thing lately, but not because he was trying to get rid of it.

And he finished every last stinking bite, and didn't even get (that) messy.

And now I will have to find something else to worry about.

Like, Caleb is sitting up! Shouldn't Aidan be sitting up by now too?


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Jamie said...

I think one of the hardest things about being a mommy is NOT comparing our children to their siblings or other children we know. Or even to get caught up in what "the book" says our child should be doing. All in good time...right? So what's the next food on his menu?

Gail said...

Go Aidan!! :D

MiKael had pumpkin today for the first time...about 6 bites of it and then refused! LOL I didn't even give him the first bite...Zander nabbed the spoon and shoved it in MiKaels mouth!

mommy said...

Well, we did more sweet potatoes yesterday, and then some pears. I knew he could tolerate the pears because we'd used pear juice in his cereal when we were starting out. He LOVED the pears. that's an interesting idea!