Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Eat Dinner With Your Children

You know how that study has been going around...the one that says sitting down to dinner as a family keeps your kids out of trouble?

Well, eating with your kids DOES keep them out of trouble, I discovered today. Because if I hadn't thought that maybe, just maybe, I could have a wee small break from my eldest, and if I'd actually sat down and eaten lunch WITH him, yes, they're right: it would have kept him out of trouble.

Silly mommy. What was I thinking? Trying to take a few minutes for myself, while my son was strapped into his booster seat? Thinking surely he couldn't get into trouble if he couldn't go anywhere? Don't you know mommies don't get breaks? Don't you know it is NEVER EVER safe to leave this child alone? Haven't you learned?




PS - It's ketchup. But you knew that.


Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

He looks very punk rock here.

mommy said...

He really does, doesn't he? And you should see the mohawk on my littlest. They'll be rockstars, both of them!

Jamie said...

Oh, my gosh...that is too funny! Although I think you have a better sense of humor about it. If it was Ida...I wouldn't have been very patient! But it's always funny when it's someone else's child:o)

julia said...

I guess hair gel comes later in life...

T said...

Didn't you tell him that ketchup is a 'food group' and should not go in his hair. Oh my gosh!!! What to do about my boy!!! Seriously though, that's hilarious!!! Life is never boring is it!
Love ya!