Monday, September 18, 2006


I just found out today that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is only 5'4" tall.

This puts him in good company with Kim Jong Il, who is only 5'3" tall.

I'm thinking that their looniness (is that a word?) stems perhaps from some sort of unacknowledged complex about their height? Sort of the same way men who drive fancy expensive sports cars are said to be compensating for a lack in *ahem* other departments?

So I propose that in hopes of preventing these sorts of power-hungry maniacs from running the show in other countries, effective immediately any world leader must be at least 5'9" tall. Or, OK, maybe we can stretch it a bit, and say 5'8".

Just my $0.02.

NOTE: I am NOT saying that all men under 5'8" are lunatics, or that they all have a complex about their height. I just happened to notice that these two men had that in common.

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