Monday, September 11, 2006


Where were you on September 11, 2001?

I was working for Colony Homes in Woodstock, GA.

When I got a call from my mother telling me a plane had crashed into the World Trade Center, I didn't think anything of it, assuming it was a small aircraft, and that it was an accident. We hung up the phone, and in the cubicle next to mine, I heard the DJs on a morning show exclaim that it had happened a second time.

I remember being scared, not knowing what was going on, or who was behind the attacks. The updates (especially concerning the later attack in DC) were coming fast and furious and no one knew which were true and which weren't. I was thinking of how close we were to the CDC, to Dobbins AFB, to the Lockheed plant. I felt like a target.

I remember trying to calm another woman in the office who was highly upset (as we all were) by telling her that I had heard on the radio that only 6 had been confirmed dead, and maybe it wouldn't be as bad as it looked (typing that just brought tears to my eyes).

I remember that I could not bring myself to watch CNN coverage in the workout room with everyone else, so I didn't see the towers collapse.

I remember being angry with someone at another of our offices when she made a joke about it later in the morning. I snapped at her that it was not funny.

I remember calling my local church in tears asking if they would be holding a special prayer meeting, sobbing that our country needs prayer and our leaders need prayer, and how odd I thought it was that the person on the other end of the phone seemed confused. Now I wonder if maybe he had not yet heard about what had happened, and thought I was just a miscellaneous unbalanced woman.

I remember spending days being frightened and angry, and then for weeks afterward feeling a constant undercurrent of depression.

After the first couple of days I didn't watch any coverage whatsoever. I was saturated and overwhelmed and raw and overstimulated with it all.

It took months to feel healed, but even now I avoid poking at that area of my heart.

What kept going through my mind after the attacks was that these people went to work, and didn't know they wouldn't come home. It was so sudden. It seemed so very, very, horribly unfair.

Please remember and say a prayer for all the families affected by the events of that day - all the families who had someone not come home.

If you have time, please spend a minute over at the 2996 project page, and read a few tributes to the victims of the attacks.

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