Tuesday, August 29, 2006

My Boy is Growing Up!

This weekend, while Ethan took a trip with me to the grocery store, Daddy changed his bedroom furniture from this:

to this:

...complete with sheet set and sooooft blanket (thanks, Barbara)!

To say Ethan was excited would be an understatement. He gasped (twice!). He laughed. He walked around touching every piece, naming the characters on them...he was thrilled.

I, on the other hand, was skeptical. I remembered the difficult (ha! difficult! how quaint!) week summed up in this post, and was sure I would in no time be longing for a return to this.

Sunday...no nap, but then again, the room wasn't trashed either. He was good. He stayed in his room. Early bedtime without a fuss (after all, how much trouble can you really get into in the dark?).

Monday...no nap, but then again, the room wasn't trashed either. He was good. He stayed in his room. Well, mostly. I did have to go in and change a diaper, and I had to go in again when I heard him, voice filled with panic, calling, "Mommy?? Mommy!! I 'cared, Mommy!!" When I got in there, he was cowering in the closet with his hands over his ears, having changed his sound machine to Ocean Waves instead of Spring Rain, and turned the volume to 11. I fixed it, and tucked him back in but he still didn't sleep. But again, he didn't trash his room, and my standards are so low that really that's all I ask. Early bedtime again, also again without a fuss. I snuck in later and snapped this:

Today...suspicious banging at naptime. I enter room to discover all toy bins removed from their shelves. Whatever. They are at least still intact. Replace, tuck in, leave room. Suspicious banging. Etc., etc. Lather rinse repeat. BUT THEN! Silence. I peek under his door (pitiful? perhaps. but the only way to observe without being observed), and see him lying on the floor next to a book (I know - achingly sweet isn't it??). Sound machine is off. I of course cannot leave well enough alone, so I sneak in to turn his sound machine back on, to minimize the chance that Aidan and I will wake him. He sleeps through me banging my head on the door (yes, I am a klutz!), the creaking of said door, the disentanglement of the sound machine cord from the glider (harder than it sounds - it was really wedged in tight!), and the plugging in of the sound machine. When I turned it on, he woke up. I moved him to his bed and we went right back to sleep. HOORAY!!!!

Maybe this won't be as bad as I thought. I do have a tendency to take a dim view of things and to be very pessimistic, as much as I encourage others to do the opposite.

All's well that ends well. Ethan is asleep. In the middle of the day. In his bed. And I'm going back into my bedroom on the other side of the house with Aidan to make absolutely certain I don't mess up this good thing I've got going.

UPDATE: I just peeked under the door (obsessive much?), and he climbed out of bed and laid on the floor in the exact same spot, and is sleeping soundly. Little weirdo (she said lovingly, ruffling his hair).


Jamie said...

I love the new bedroom theme! How cute. I have to ask...how do you see anything by peeking under the door? After reading your blog yesterday, I actually tried it today(am I a dork or what?)and all I got was carpet fuzz up my nose!

mommy said...

LOL @ the carpet fuzz!

We have about a half inch of clearance between the carpet and the bottom of the door. It's not easy, but I can usually see where he is by peeking under.