Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Most Problems Have More Than One Solution

Potty Training Re-redux.

It's two steps forward and three back with Ethan's potty training. He's started wetting himself again, never ever telling us when he needs to go. It's starting to get horribly annoying, and although Dave and I swore we would never punish with potty training, the fact that Ethan has shown that he knows perfectly what to do and refuses to do it means it may be time.

We were discussing it via IM earlier today, and Dave said that the next time Ethan peed in his pants, he will take away Balloon until he goes in the potty.

I thought it would be fair to at least give Ethan a warning and an opportunity to mend his ways and avoid catastrophe.

"Ethan, Mommy talked to Daddy about you going pee pee in your pants and Daddy said if you do not pee pee in the potty - if you pee pee in your pants again - Daddy will take away Balloon."
"...." (He didn't know what to say. He just stared, stunned at this development.)
"Do you want Daddy to take away Balloon?"
"Ye--- No." (We get this alot lately. He starts to answer before he absorbs the question.)
"Then what do you need to do?"
"Grab my balloon and go outside."

I tried sooo hard not to laugh, but I just couldn't help it. I was obviously hoping for, "Don't go pee pee in my pants; go pee pee in the potty." But I guess the solution to a problem depends on who you ask.

I'm not sure Ethan's solution is one that will work though, because I'm fairly certain Daddy can outrun him.


Jamie said...

I love, love, love Ethan's solution!!! LOL!

Jillian said...

LOL!!! What a brilliant child! :)

How old is Ethan now...? I've lost track! Overall, I have found that the more CASUAL you act about potty-training, the more effective it will be. Otherwise, it can easily become a power struggle, as it seems to have with sweet Ethan.

But heck, it was worth the laugh this time, wasn't it?!

mommy said...
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mommy said...

He'll be 3 in November. I completely agree about the need for being casual; however, left to his own devices Ethan would be perfectly content to drift along in a dream world of Hot Wheels and power tools, oblivious to things like hunger and wet pants. So sometimes we have to step in and make him snap out of it.

Good news today, though! He has discovered autonomy on the Potty Front. He has decided he can take down his pants and climb on the potty by himself, and I think he's about to make great (and dare I hope permanent??) strides! He's stayed dry all day, and it looks like we won't need to do anything drastic after all.