Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I've Been Tagged!...

...by my regular reader Think Off the Fat.

I have to name 5 weird things about myself. I thought it would be easy, but it's turning out not to be. Could it be that I've become more balanced and normal as I've aged? Surely not!

And then when I'm done I have to tag three others. Problem is, I don't think I know three other people who blog! Not enough to tag them, anyway. I'll work on that one, though.

So here we go. Five weird things.

1. I always read the very last sentence in a book before I start reading the book. It tells me nothing whatsoever about how the book ends, but I do it anyway.

2. When I drink water, I have to do it in sets of 3, 7, or 10 swallows; however, soda, milk, and other drinks have no such restrictions.

3. I have a hard time processing things I hear, as opposed to what I see. I think this is one big reason why I hate talking on the phone.

4. Once I own a book, it would take an act of God to make me give it away or sell it. Even if my interest in it is marginal.

5. I have to sleep on the same side of the bed every night, no matter whether it's ours, or we're out of town. I have done this for as many years as I have been conscious of it. And in situations where I have been in a hotel room with two double beds, I am always on the one that's on the side that would be my side if there were only one bed. (This weird thing about me brought to you by my husband, who used words to describe it like "force" and "compulsive," but I still love him.)

I'll update later with who I'm tagging, if I can even come up with anyone!


Jamie said...

The water one really throws me!

mommy said...

I know, I know. *blush*

Hey, she DID say WEIRD things. ;)

But yes, that IS one of the weirder things I thought of.