Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Ethan has an imaginary friend. Of a sort.

It's not really imaginary, because it is an actual object, but he endows it with human qualities.

His best friend these days is a blue balloon. He calls it Balloon, and occassionally calls it his son.

Ethan and Balloon go everywhere together, and do everything together. Yesterday afternoon he (he being Ethan, of course, not the balloon) pulled two chairs together until they were touching. Ethan sat in one, and Balloon in the other, and they shared a lunch. Balloon had the "perfect chair" and he always has the "perfect side."

Everything Ethan has he shares with Balloon. Food, drink, toys - all of it. If Ethan gets something that really can't be shared, such as a napkin, Balloon has to have his own. Although occassionally Ethan will try to scam an extra of something he really likes by claiming he needs two so Balloon can have one. And I've learned that when Ethan comes to me to say Balloon wants something (lips, for example - Chapstick to the uninitiated), it's really Ethan that wants it.

The other day he told me Balloon was hungry. When I asked him what he thought he'd like to eat, he told me food. I asked him what kind of food, and was told that Balloon eats, "really funny, funny, good-lookin', orange bones." All rightie then. If anyone knows where to find something like that, please let me know.

He's very gentle with Balloon, and I'm constantly being warned that I have to be careful too, so as not to break/bust/pop him. Ethan has popped balloons in the past and was heartbroken about it, but was never close to the others as he is to this one, so I'm dreading the aftermath when it's finally Balloon's time to go. Ethan will probably go through an actual grief process, and it's going to break my heart to see it.

Balloon seems to be tougher than most others in his species, though, so I'm hoping he'll be a good companion for a long, long time to come.


Jamie said...

That is so sweet. I'd be walking on egg shells that the darn thing would pop. Got a supply of extra blue balloons?

mommy said...

We do have several extra balloons. I should check to make sure we have another one the same color, though.

It kills me to see him laying on it!! I'm surprised it hasn't popped already!