Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Beating a Dead Horse

I'm giving this horse one more good whack, and then I'll let it be.

Here is my post on the not-so-subtle dig at gun rights in Signs of the Times magazine.

I promised a link to the article when it was up on their site. Here it is. It's a good article, really. He makes several excellent points. I don't have a problem with the article taken as a whole. I recommend it, actually.

But one final point, and then I'll stop.

This sentence: "Some experts opined that gun buyers may actually have become less secure: Given the prevalence of gun-related accidents, it’s likely that the arming of the American public against terrorism, though it nabbed not a single terrorist, led to more ordinary people being shot."

Do we not see why that's a nonsensical sentence? There is no "opining" about it. There is no "likely" about it. They are numbers. They either went up or they went down. There is no "opinion" that matters. It's fact, and fact alone. The sentence is a misleading one.

I forgot to mention that in my original post.

And now I'll return us to lighter matters, like ants, and teething babies and such.

That is, until the next bee flies into my bonnet.


Anonymous said...

Hi mommy, I don't like guns period. Yes there are many accidental deaths due to guns, how about the drive by shootings and the children hit by accident, and the animals shot for sport, etc., etc.? I hope you don't mind, I would like to tag you. I have been tagged by iportion and she is one of two regular visitors I have. Name 5 weird things about yourself and pass the tag on to three bloggers. Thanks and Bless you. I'm thinkoffthefat, I have to use anony. because the computer won't recognize me.

mommy said...

Hi there!

Lots of people don't like guns, and I don't have a problem with someone who doesn't like guns. But the author of the article I was talking about, made a misleading statement, implying statistics rose when in fact it is easy to Google a little and find out they went down, not up.

I respect your opinion, as I'm certain it's been well-thought-out.

Thanks for the tag, I've never been tagged before - this should be fun!