Friday, July 14, 2006

SO Excited!

We have a gym membership!!

And childcare is included!

I drove down there this morning to fill out the medical waivers and stuff for the boys. I was stymied by the fact that no one there knew who I was because my husband was the only one in their computers, but I figure I didn't waste the trip because at least we know that there is a little ironing out to do before we get started. My husband's on the phone with them right now getting everything worked out and then we're going back.

Woohoo! Size [redacted (yeah, like I'm going to tell you!)], don't let the door hit your enormous butt on the way out!

Ack. I can't even put a coherent post together I'm so emotional.


Jamie said...

THAT is exciting news. I'm dying to join a gym's 5 minutes away and they have a nursery as well. But Tom said not this year. Guess my good ol' treadmill will have to do for now. So when's your first work out???

mommy said...

I just got an IM from Dave offering to meet me there after work. So we'll see how the boys do with their nap. If all goes well, I get to work out tonight!!!

If not, it'll be first thing Monday morning.