Thursday, July 06, 2006

Do It on Your Own Time

11:00 AM
Me: Ethan, as soon as I get your brother fed, we're going to Brookshire's.
Ethan: Yay! Snacks! (cake and cookie samples abound in their bakery)

11:15 AM
Me: Sit here on the couch and let's get your socks on, so we can put on your shoes.
Ethan: (sedulously attempting to put on one sock, while I'm putting on the other. This is MAYBE the third such attempt, ever, so it is to be highly encouraged. Or so I think.)
Me: Look! You're putting on your own sock! What a big boy! Here, let me help you loop this side over your little toe.
Ethan: NO!!! Let me do it!
Me: (proud of his independence) OK, go for it, big boy. I'm going to change your brother and get him dressed, and then we're leaving.

11:20 AM
Ethan: (has managed to get all five toes in the opening of his sock and is trying to tug it up over his foot)
Me: Great job! You've almost got it!
Ethan: (yanks the whole thing off and starts over)
Me: (dies inside)

11:25 AM
Me: (trying very hard not to lose patience) Here, let Mommy help you loop it over your little toe here. Just this little bit.
Ethan: NO!!! I want to do it myself!
Me: OK, but you need to step it up, son. We've got to get going.

11:30 AM
Me: (hoping soon he will just give up and let me do it already. Had no clue he could be this tenacious, the little stinker. While I'm sure this quality will serve him well later in life, at the moment it's not doing us a bit of good.)

11:35 AM
Me: Listen. Mommy is happy that you want to learn to put your socks on, but we're setting the timer. You have two minutes to put on your sock, and if you haven't got it on by the time the timer goes off, Mommy will do it for you.
Ethan: (pouts, whines, and explodes in a little white puff of distress, time which, in my opinion, could have been better spent trying to put on his sock)

11:37 AM
beep beep beep beep
Me: Time's up, sweetie. (takes sock, attempts to get it on his foot)
Ethan: (struggles and writhes and finally explodes yet again, this time in a big red cloud of impotent wrath)

11:40 AM
We head out the door, only to discover that I've forgotten to put Ethan's seat back in the van after I washed it.

11:45 AM
45 minutes after announcing my intent to leave the house for a quick trip to the store, we are off. Running the errand and coming back to the house takes about 15 minutes less than the preparations did.


Jamie said...

YAY...two posts...I've been checking and was worried you'd snuck of to amazon anonymous;o)

Did you ever notice they choose the time when we need to do something to perfect their tasks? From age 18 months til a few months ago, Ida was infamous for this...complete with the tantrum when I finally took over.

Just think...after Ethan has all his skills mastered, you get to start ALL over again;o)

mommy said...

Dave had a long weekend, so I took a little time off. :)

I sure hated stopping Ethan from doing it himself, but geez! He could have spent all afternoon on it, and we had things we had to do! It's so hard to know where to draw the line and just take over. I still wish we'd had enough time to just leave him alone and let him work on it. Ah, well. He'll have plenty of other opportunities.

Oh my. I guess I will be starting all over again. Never thought of it that way! LOL