Saturday, July 22, 2006

Comfort Zone

I have officially left my comfort zone. In a big way (for me, anyway).

This morning I invited a couple from church to come over to our house next weekend.


I've never, ever invited anyone from church over. I'm a social klutz. I've always been deathly afraid that if I start inviting people to lunch or dinner, it won't be long until I won't have any friends left.

But this morning it seemed like such a good idea. And it still does, because they're great people with a daughter about Ethan's age and a newborn little boy, but I'm horrifically nervous.

I've got to get the house in some kind of order and figure out a menu that will please everyone. I'm thinking my fancy mac n cheese, the one with Gruyere*? And then I guess I'll keep the rest of the meal simple. Maybe a plethora of fresh veggies, and then for dessert a chocolate mousse? Or should I do a banana pudding?

Oh, man. Sorry for the ramble.

Welcome to Tizzy-ville. Population: me.

*Funny how Gruyere smells to me like pineapples and feet, but you put it in a casserole and toss it in the oven for a while, and it comes out a completely different creature.


Jamie said... I ever hear you! And sympathize! I love having people over...truly! But the thought and anticipation beforehand always leads me into a stress attack. Your menu sounds perfect...simple(hey, you have small children!)and tasty! And can I have that mac and cheese recipe, please? I'll be stretching with you tonight...I signed up to go to a church picnic...AHHH...socializing! We just started going(only 3 weeks)and I sign up like a dork to go tonight. I'm a nervous wreck. Is my side dish ok?(I'm thinking no, but it's already made)Who will I talk to? How will Ida react? Why the heck am I doing this?

Are we both goofy or what???

mommy said... did it go? And what did you take? I bet everyone loved it. Did Ida do OK?

I can definitely send you the recipe. Do you still use your Christmas email? If not, you don't have to post your email here - I bet I can get it from Gail if you want.


Jamie said...

It went well...except I didn't meet anyone new. We sat with our neighbors, but had a great time. Everyone was friendly, but you know how people just naturally gravitate towards the people they know. I took a broccoli salad that Jill suggested. Ida had a blast...there was a huge swingset behind the church. Yes, use my christmasspirit email!! Thanks!