Thursday, June 29, 2006

Why Yes, I AM Blonde!

Today after dropping off Ethan for the last day of his program, Aidan and I went to Walgreens, and then to Chick-Fil-A.

Leaving Chick-Fil-A, instead of turning left, which would have taken me home (which IS where I was intending to go), I turned right, and after a couple of blocks we passed the Walgreens where we had just been, not 10 minutes before.

But instead of this clueing me in to the fact that I was, indeed going the opposite direction of where I needed to be, I actually thought, "hey! There's another Walgreens! Funny that they put two of them so close together!"

And then I saw the Office Max, and that's what finally provided the epiphany that, hey! I really ought to turn around.

And they say that for every child you have, your IQ goes up. Yeah, uh-huh, OK.

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Jamie said...

LOL...sorry...but that line about "Hey, there's another Walgreens..." was too funny. But...I'm not blonde and I'm infamous for doing this kind of thing. I blame it on the distraction in the back seat!