Friday, June 16, 2006

See See My Playmate...

About ten minutes ago, two little girls on scooters rang our doorbell and asked my husband if Ethan could come outside to play.


*double boggle*

Cripes - he's two-and-a-half!

It's not like I ever actually thought about it before, but if I had, I would have thought that wouldn't start till...heck, I don't know...7? 8?

He would relish being the little social butterfly. He's social in a way that I never was when I was a girl. He's very unlike me in that regard, and it's one of the things I most adore about him. I love seeing him around people, perfectly and completely at ease.

Maybe they'll be back soon, earlier next time so that he's not getting ready for bed, and this time he'll be able to go out and play with some new friends.


SugarMama said...

How cute was that?! Anyway, surfed on in your blog from someone else's and I really liked your blog. I'll be visiting often :-)

Jamie said...

It's great having children in the neighborhood to socialize with...Ida loves it. Although SHE is always the one wanting to knock on someone's door!

Jillian said...

Hey! It was my turn to come across you whilst surfing at BE. How weird is that? :)

Yeah, it never ceases to amaze me how YOUNG children are when they start "skulking the neighborhood." I have never allowed my children to do it.

My friend a few houses up actually had to disconnect her doorbell because the 2 little girls next door would NOT stop ringing the bell while the baby was asleep!!

Skyler said...

Hey, I'm here 'cause of Blog Explosion, and that's really cute!

You must have one heck of a gorgeous kid :D