Monday, June 26, 2006

Oh, Dear.

Well, I thought they let out at 2:30.

It was actually 2, that I was supposed to be there. In the words of the estimable Grover, "oh, I am so embarrassed."

I don't think he did very well. I'll have to ask them tomorrow how he behaved today, but if he acted there, the way he acted on the way home in the van, I wouldn't be surprised if they kicked him out of the program.

When I went to get him, he was the last kid there, and he was playing with something that he didn't want to leave behind. He insisted a little, but didn't cry when he didn't get his way. So...I was thinking, "score!"

But then we got in the van.

And there was a lot of swearing (!!!), and a lot of yelling, and way too much sassing, and he kicked Aidan IN HIS CARSEAT, pinching his hand with his shoe, and then he reached over and hit him.

I had to turn around and swat him TWICE. I've only ever had to do that one other time, and here I had to do it twice in one car trip.

When we came home, and I was changing him for his nap, I sat him down on his table and had a talk with him. I told him that I took him to the party because I thought he would like it. I asked him if he had fun. He said yes. I told him that having fun was supposed to make him happy. He said he was happy. I said that having fun shouldn't make him bad. He wasn't acting like he had fun. I told him that I was sad about how he acted in the van, and I didn't like it. I told him that I will take him to the party again tomorrow after breakfast, but that if he was bad again in the van after I picked him up, he couldn't go back.

I'm not thinking it's them, or the other kids there, I'm just thinking he gets to feeling a bit too independent when he's not around me, and then when I come get him, he is still thinking he is The Shit. So as much as I hate to do it, we may have to shelve it and try again next year.

I am NOT a happy mommy right now. Not. At. All.


Jamie said...

Hope today goes more smoothly!

mommy said...

Thanks, Jamie!

They did tell me he did better, so I guess we'll finish out the week.

Today is "Under the Sea" day, and they told us to sunblock them and send a towel, swim diaper, and swim suit. Surely to goodness he'll do OK in the water.