Sunday, June 25, 2006


Ethan is going to a mini summer day camp thingie this week. It's for four days, about five hours a day. He has no idea yet. We're telling him this afternoon.

And right now, I'm the one who's nervous.

We did sort of a trial run this week over at the park next door, where they were holding a 5-Day Club. He did great. He loved it, and now he keeps asking me when we're going back. So I know he'll do just fine this week. Actually, he will probably do better, because 5-Day Club was geared toward ages 5+, and this day camp is for birth-5.

I'm very excited for him, but the butterflies in my tummy are kicking up in a huge way.

We went last night and got him some new shoes, because I didn't want him to wear his ratty, holey, Reeboks. So now he has snazzy Buzz Lightyear shoes that he picked out himself, and they light up. He's delighted. He's got a new dumptruck lunchbag that he hasn't seen yet (we'll probably spring it on him tonight). He's getting a haircut today.

I want everything to go perfectly for him, and for him to have a good time. I wish I could stop freaking out.

What if the 5-year-olds scam the good stuff out of his lunch? He would so totally fall for someone trying to trade him celery for a cookie. What if he only eats the fruit out of his lunch and leaves everything else? What if he doesn't eat his lunch at all? Will there be someone there to help him take the lid off his applesauce and unzip his ziploc? What if he won't sit still for the activities and they have to spend the whole time chasing him around the campus? Will he ask someone to take him to the bathroom, or will he just wet his pants? What if he kicks or shoves?

You see? SO much to worry about!

And yet tomorrow I'm going to walk him in, and I'm going to let him go. And when I come back for him in the afternoon I'd bet $20 he won't even have noticed I was gone.

My little man.

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Jamie said...

I'm sure all mommies feel the same way. I would. Heck, you're braver than I am. You're right...he will love it and I'm sure someone will help him to open his applesauce and make sure he gets to the bathroom. Please post all about it...I can't wait to hear about it. AND how you made it through too;o)